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Explore startups and scaleups contributing to a more sustainable future on the Swedish Climate Startup Map. This comprehensive Map features a wide-range of companies developing innovative solutions across numerous sectors.


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Mylla Matmarknad

Mylla sell locally produced food online with home-delivery. Good products directly from our food producers. It should be easy to aquire locally produced foods.

Founded: 2018
Sectors: AgricultureEnvironment and ResourcesFood and Forestry
Enablers: Digital PlatformSustainable Behavioural Change
SDG: 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
Type: B2BB2C
Size: Small Group (3-5 Persons)
Turnover: 5M - 10M SEK
Incubators: MINC

Easyserv Sweden

Easyserv develop smart systems that effectively make use of the flexibility that is currently unused in every villa and property. Easyserv’s knowledge and experience provides the opportunity for smart consumption flexibility and power balancing.

Founded: 2013
Sectors: Energy Management and Storage
Enablers: Digital PlatformIoT
SDG: 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
Type: B2B
Size: Small Group (3-5 Persons)
Turnover: 2M - 5M SEK
Incubators: Halmstad Business Incubator


We redefine the concept of locally grown food – by developing cultivation systems for vertical and indoor cultivation in urban environments – we create opportunities for food production inside, or in direct connection to grocery stores.

Founded: 2015
Sectors: AgricultureFood and ForestryOther Sectors
Enablers: AI and Machine LearningCircular Business ModelsGreen Funding Models
SDG: 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation
Type: B2BScaleup
Size: Extra Large Team (25+ Persons)
Turnover: Over 25M SEK


The carbon project development and finance platform for farmers, NGOs and carbon buyers. We support farmers to take care of the planet, and help business achieve their net zero goals with long term carbon forward contracts.

Founded: 2019
Sectors: Environment and Resources
Enablers: Blockchain and Web 3.0Green Funding Models
SDG: 13 - Climate Action
Type: B2B
Size: Small Group (3-5 Persons)
Turnover: 2M - 5M SEK
Incubators: Sting


Prebona® is a disruptive and smart material company. We work together with our customers towards a greener & cleaner world through atomic innovation.

Founded: 2011
Sectors: Industry and ManufacturingSustainable Materials
Enablers: Circular Business Models
SDG: 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Type: B2BDeeptech
Size: Small Team (6-10 Persons)
Turnover: 2M - 5M SEK

Green 14 AB

GREEN14 is reinventing the extraction process of silicon from quartz. We use green hydrogen to separate silicon and oxygen from quartz – instead of using coal. Avoiding coal results in replacing carbon dioxide with water as a byproduct.

Founded: 2021
Sectors: Renewable EnergySustainable Materials
Enablers: Circular Business ModelsOther
SDG: 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Size: Duo (2 Persons)
Turnover: Under 5K


LEVTEK combines product design, robotics and machine learning to develop new types of light electric vehicles for new user groups and applications. We aim to replace the car for many everyday trips as well as in many commercial use cases.

Founded: 2020
Sectors: Industry and ManufacturingMobility and Transportation
Enablers: AI and Machine LearningAutomationHardware
SDG: 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Type: B2BDeeptech
Size: 3-5 employees
Turnover: 2M - 5M SEK

Understanding the Categories in the Swedish Climate Startup Map

The Swedish Climate Startup Map provides a comprehensive selection of categories to facilitate the search for startups and scaleups. These categories cover sector, enabling technology, Sustainable Development Goals, type, team size, turnover, location, incubator and founding year.


Agriculture, Food and Forestry

Solutions for the production and processing of food, crop cultivation and animal husbandry, and innovations to the forestry industry.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Technologies to capture and store carbon dioxide from the air or exhaust gas for utilization or storage.

Construction and Real Estate

Solutions to improve the construction and building process, and services related to the maintenance and upkeep of existing buildings.

Energy Management and Storage

Solutions to promote energy efficiency, smarter grid systems and energy storage.

Environment and Resources

Solutions to optimize resource utilization and enhance environmental values.

Industry and Manufacturing

New and/or improved innovations to manufacturing processes or products.

Mobility and Transportation

Solutions that enhance efficient transportation such as carpooling, improved vehicles, as well as solutions supporting infrastructure for transportation such as charging infrastructure.

Recycling and Waste

Solutions for the end-of-life treatment for materials not suitable for reuse.

Renewable Energy

Solutions for the production of renewable energy or supporting renewable energy solutions.

Sustainable Materials

Materials designed to be more sustainable than competing products or used to create more sustainable applications (e.g. due to lighter weight).

Wastewater and Water

Solutions to improve water management, from manufacturing to daily use or irrigation, as well as wastewater management.

Other Sectors

Solutions that are not contained in any of the previous sectors.


AI and Machine Learning

Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning for enhancing sustainability.


Automated processes for improved efficiency.

Blockchain and Web 3.0

Distributed ledger technology and its applications for a decentralized web.

Circular Business Models

Alternatives to traditional business models such as sharing and leasing that enhance a more circular economy.

Digital Platform

Information and data sharing structures to enhance sustainability.

Green Funding Models

Innovative funding mechanisms to support sustainable initiatives.


Development of new products to meet market demands.

Industry 4.0

Optimization of industry production through advanced technologies.


Solutions that enable a more sustainable way of life, such as improved grids, charging stations, and induction roads.

Internet of Things

Integration of smart technology to manage appliances more sustainable.


Providing software, products, and services as a subscription rather than ownership.

Sustainable Behavioural Change

Solutions to drive behavioural change towards sustainability.


Enabling environmental sustainability through other options than those mentioned above, e.g. combining offerings in innovative ways, developing new systems or creating alternative food products.

Company Type


Companies that focus on providing products or services to other businesses.


Companies that focus on providing products or services directly to consumers.


Companies that focus on providing products or services to government agencies and public sector organizations.

Climate Action for Developing Countries

Solutions designed to have a positive sustainability impact in developing countries.


Emergent from a research context

Female founder

Companies with at least one female co-founder


Verified solutions with high sustainability impact


Founded within the last two years


Companies with turnover surpassing 20MSEK