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I have applied to become a part of the Swedish Climate Startup Map. When will my startup be featured there?

If your startup meets all the company requirements and at least one of the sustainability criteria, it will be accepted onto the Map and included in the next release. The Map will be updated twice per year, with the next release taking place during Fall 2023.

Why has my company not been accepted onto the Swedish Climate Startup Map, and what happens now?

The reason why your startup hasn’t been accepted is because it hasn’t met all company requirements and any of the sustainability criteria. Check out these requirements here.
Nevertheless, your application may be reconsidered in a future evaluation. Don’t forget to submit a new application if the information you provided in the first one has changed.

My company was founded in Sweden, but we have since moved our headquarters abroad. Can I still be part of the Swedish Climate Startup Map?

Unfortunately, only companies founded in Sweden and that keep their headquarters in the country can be eligible to be featured in the Map. We cannot include startups founded or with headquarters in other countries at this stage.

My startup offers consultancy services related to sustainability. Why can’t my company be part of the Swedish Climate Startup Map?

One of the requirements that companies in the Map must meet is that they develop scalable solutions and technologies with the potential to contribute to environmental sustainability. These solutions must be more innovative than those already on the market and have the potential to be applicable in multiple locations. Even though the consultancy services that you offer contribute to environmental sustainability, they cannot be considered as a scalable solution or technology, and therefore cannot be included in the Map.

How can I stay up to date with what is happening in this initiative?

You can stay informed about the Swedish Climate Startup Map by signing up for our newsletter here. The newsletter will be sent out twice a year in conjunction with a new release of the Map. You can also follow Ignite Sweden’s LinkedIn page, where we will post regular stories related to the project.

I would like to invest in climate companies featured on the Swedish Climate Startup Map. How can you help me?

We are developing different offerings for investors related to the Swedish Climate Startup Map and would like to better understand your needs. Please fill out this form, which includes questions about your role and the type of startups you are looking for.