PlasticFri is a GreenTech company from Sweden with a breakthrough technology turning agricultural waste to eco-friendly products for replacing plastics.

NORNORM provides flexible workplace furniture subscriptions based on circularity, promoting sustainability and scalability without long-term commitments.

Envix is a Swedish consulting company having a broad expertise within soil, rock and water treatment. End of Waste is part of Envix vision and we transform costly waste in profitable product to contribute to the circular economy.

Smart Nudges is a B2B SaaS Platform using behavioral science to optimize the behavioral change potential for climate-friendly habits in areas such as energy, mobility, waste, water, circularity, etc.

We improve planning for restaurants by providing them with accurate AI-powered sales forecasts, which cuts food waste by 30-40%.

We make it easier for everyone to eat plant-based. Therefore we make super tasty vegan alternatives to all your favorite foods. Just swap your regular meat for our plant-based meat made from peas, and you reduce your carbon footprint.

The plant-based industry can solve critical challenges when it comes to climate change, sustainability, and health. Melt & Marble’s technology can be an enabler for the industry by providing the best and tastiest fats for consumers and the planet.

We at Johannas design, build and operate sustainable, cycle-based food production systems. At the core of our systems are fish, bacterial cultures, vegetables and insects collaborating in natural processes.

The world’s most sustainable fish, from Swedish farms. With integrated systems between aquaculture and agriculture, fertilisers and water is used in a circular way.

Rebase Energy empower energy innovators with data and tools to optimally dispatch distributed energy resources while maintaining the balance and robustness of the grid.