Heat Management’s primary customers include power and heat plants as well as pulp mills and marine companies. We provide advanced sootblowing optimization system and infrasound cleaning solutions.

Palats is a digital platform that simplifies stocktaking, management and reuse of existing material and inventories, reducing waste in the construction and real estate industry.

Management innovation consultancy using sustainability as an innovation strategy. We deliver a 90-day program for sustainability innovation assessment, foresight and portfolio prioritisation based on ISO for Innovation standards.

Geothermal energy utility company working with geothermal fields for electricity production, power heating, mining from brine water, production of green hydrogen and permanent CO2-storage.

LaddaTillsammans har sitt säte i Helsingborg och hjälper bostadsrättsföreningar, fastighetsbolag och samfälligheter med elbilsladdning i hela landet.

Ingrid Capacity builds large-scale energy storage and currently has 500MW under planning. With energy storage, the peeks in production can be smoothed out, while the storage contributes to create balance in the main grid.

GreenIron has a energy efficient, hydrogen based tech to produce metals from ore, waste, residuals and mine tailings with no emissions and water as residual. Since 2020 we have produced fossil free iron, nickel, copper, manganese and molybdenium.

We improve planning for restaurants by providing them with accurate AI-powered sales forecasts, which cuts food waste by 30-40%.

Colabit develops and produces renewable fuels that can be used directly in conventional engines, regardless of whether they run on diesel, petrol or jet fuel. No conversion is required and they work in existing infrastructure.

Chromafora is an innovative Swedish cleantech company that have unique purification technology and patented methods to remove heavy metals and PFAS from polluted water, and to extract valuable metals for recycling.