Stella provides access to clean and reliable energy to hospitals. Its a matter of justice. Accessability is about business innovation, having a capable infrastructure roll-out and possessing knowledge within robust and reliable technology.

Sea Technology is Future-proofing investments in global maritime transport by providing a logistic revolution – an intersection between land and shore – The Sea Tech Floating Terminal.

Modular Cycling develops, builds and installs innovative low-carbon active mobility infrastructure solutions.
By replacing asphalt with wood, we provide a healthier product both for people and the earth.

Improvin’ is a climate performance platform helping agri-food companies measure, report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their own value chain. At scale.

Watersprint purifies water with new LED technology. All of us at Watersprint are dedicated to disinfecting water in a sustainable way. We simply want to make a positive impact on the global supply of safe water.

We are re-inventing cement; Replacing everything that’s bad about it with a product that is economical, environmental friendly and technically superior.

SOLVATTEN® is a good cause company that has developed a portable solar powered water purifying device made for heating and treating water.

Investure is building a Funding Platform to support the flow of private and catalytic capital into development and impact projects. We are connecting financiers globally to interesting investment opportunities and impactful projects in developing markets.

A solar hybrid is a smart concept solution for energy optimization. The concept consists of a cold solar panel connected to a geothermal heat pump. A solar hybrid produces both electricity and heat and gives a good return for many years to come.

CorPower Ocean has developed a compact high-efficiency Wave Energy Converter, using a new phase control method, that offers an exceptionally high energy density, five times higher than conventional Wave Energy Converters.