We Don’t Have Time is the world’s largest social media for climate solutions, connecting everyone who wants to solve the climate crisis. The platform brings together businesses, scientists, change makers and policy makers to create the solutions.

We optimize power grid owners’ asset management with our platform that visualizes and annotates image data so they can maintain and expand their grid more sustainably, both from a climate and business perspective.

MycoCube is a portable treatment plant in which the active component is fungi. It is used in-situ to minimize transportation of pollutions, and the system can be re-used at several sites.

Modular Cycling develops, builds and installs innovative low-carbon active mobility infrastructure solutions.
By replacing asphalt with wood, we provide a healthier product both for people and the earth.

We are experts in sustainability with a focus on energy and climate impact. We help you future-proof your business by providing insights into climate impact and energy consumption as well as by providing support in making adjustments.

Hexcion operates in several markets across the globe to develop offshore floating wind. Hexicon is an early-stage project developer, opening new markets in deep water areas, and a technology provider with a patented floating wind design – TwinWind™

Fever provides a platform for aggregators who want to participate in the balancing markets in an automated and optimized way. Our platform ensures that our partners get the most out of their energy resources by optimizing flexibility and additional energy services.

We challenge the ventilation industry! We help property owners save energy with smart installations and sustainable solutions. With ENCY’s fans, you can save up to 45% on heating costs and up to 30% on your cooling costs.

ClimateView is a climate tech startup that accelerates cities transition to zero
carbon economies. The digital platform, ClimateOS, combines data and systemic analysis to enable cities to plan, manage and fund the transition to net zero.

Our innovative charging solution enables multiples EVs to share a centralized charging unit where only a charging socket is located at each parking bay. This enables discrete, power efficient and sustainable EV charging.