Commutesaver provides a fully automated CO2 tracking app for corporate commuting. The Ai based mobile app automatically detects the user’s transport mode then tracks and reports those CO2 emissions to the company.

Our nuclear annihilation energy generation technology presents a clean solution. It has the potential to replace all fossil fuels within 20 years, without radiation or waste problems by using hydrogen.

A unified Data Platform for managing water & climate risks in LICs, leveraged by manual in-situ measurements, mobile- & cloud tech and satellite observations.

Voltiva is a specialist in charge point operation for multiple and complex EV charging systems with the highest standard of professional infrastructure and services.

NYZÜs goal is to modify crops to grow faster and increase biomass production for indoor agriculture by utilizing the CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Providing humankind with the crops of the future and making food production sustainable.

Klara Byggsystem provides concrete free, prefabricated housing foundations. It is installed in 1 day, as safe and durable as a concrete slab but with 70 % less CO2-emissions.

We are Sea Water Desalination company with a unique process that uses 50% less energy consumption than current market solutions today.

Unimi makes the installation of EV chargers easy, affordable and future proof. We do this by a modular solution that fit all charger models. Our products are available in low carbon concrete and recycled plastics to minimize CO2 emissions.

Ekbacken Studios creates sustainable masterpiece furniture. We are on a mission to redefine luxury and the way we consume. Through the upcycling of waste material, our furniture is both durable and luxurious, contributing to lower climate impact.

Cellcomb Cleantech Solutions take overall responsibility and contribute to being able to manage resources in a sustainable way, both environmental, financial and human. We develop products for short-term use focusing on hygiene, comfort and safety.