With our solution, you no longer have to drive to the car wash, we come to you and wash your cars by hand. With Woshapp you save both time and money while doing the environment a favor.

Heat Management’s primary customers include power and heat plants as well as pulp mills and marine companies. We provide advanced sootblowing optimization system and infrasound cleaning solutions.

TrusTrace is a leader in textile supply chain traceability and compliance. It aggregates and digitizes supply chain data that was previously unavailable to brands, so they can discover and manage risks and improve ESG performance.

Raymond has developed the state of the art solar roof – “Smart Solar Roof” and win the award Solenergipriset 2022 (best solar installation in Sweden) and Red Herring Global 100 (one of the 100 hottest tech company in the world).

We develop hardware and software for power optimization, for properties between 16A and 2500A. We do this by measuring and balancing power usage. All data is shown in our platform, making power optimization easily accessible for everyone.

EFUEL is a leading Nordic company in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. We offer a comprehensive product catalog and a network of installers that drives growth while accelerating a seamless transition to sustainable energy consumption.

Creturner is an environmental technology company that converts biomass into biochar, thereby reducing Co2 in the atmosphere. We are also working on technology development with the aim of breaking down carbon dioxide into solid carbon and oxygen gas.

We at Oaks work with property automation, (BMS, HVAC). Within Oaks, we quickly saw that there was a need for a system that, analyses, optimizes and in a clear way also presents this to, for example, the property owner. Therfore we developed Cornelia.

Our innovative charging solution enables multiples EVs to share a centralized charging unit where only a charging socket is located at each parking bay. This enables discrete, power efficient and sustainable EV charging.

We redefine the concept of locally grown food – by developing cultivation systems for vertical and indoor cultivation in urban environments – we create opportunities for food production inside, or in direct connection to grocery stores.