We help real estate companies towards sustainability and profitability through efficient resource usage. We craft existing systems in buildings to a cohesive, future proof digital mosaic, turn data to insights and enhance the existing capabilities.

Hemsol AB is a Swedish digital platform that helps swedes invest in profitable solar solutions. The goal is to provide everything need the make a enlightened decision and also take action.

Chromafora is an innovative Swedish cleantech company that have unique purification technology and patented methods to remove heavy metals and PFAS from polluted water, and to extract valuable metals for recycling.

SurfCleaner is a Swedish water treatment specialist and pioneer of the world’s first skimmer separator hybrid. We are on a mission to make a positive, direct and sustainable impact on the environment.

Ignitia began as a research project to understand the differences in tropical weather events and create a model to more accurately predict them. With an accuracy of 84%, our forecasts are more than twice as accurate as global producers.

Havredals exists to create innovations that can contribute to a healthy planet with healthy people. We want to contribute by inventing sustainable food with Nordic crops and natural processes.

Smart traffic sensors power smart cities. We provide real time AI traffic insights for all road users including vehicles and pedestrians.

By developing products that enable the haulers to save money on reduced fuel consumption, we contribute to the transition to a more sustainable transport industry by using big data and advanced algorithms.

Qtagg develops and delivers an intelligent propulsion control system for large sea going vessels.
Using a machine learning algorithm the system calculates and controls the ship to arrive just in time at the lowest possible cost every voyage.

We offer Sweden’s greenest car pool and vehicle pool. A complete solution where we take care of all administration and operation. We provide booking systems and help with planning and installation of charging stations and other infrastructure.