Globhe, short for Global Health, is a marketplace platform for organizations looking to scale their drone data collection and understand our planet, to find the right drone operators, everywhere on Earth, today 10’000 drone operators, 143 countries

ClimateHero helps private people and companies to calculate and reduce their carbon footprints.

Our mission is to make it as simple and convenient as possible for people to own a bike. We’ve created a platform and app for gathering a user’s current needs in one place.

Klara Byggsystem provides concrete free, prefabricated housing foundations. It is installed in 1 day, as safe and durable as a concrete slab but with 70 % less CO2-emissions.

Plant’s software helps construction and property companies calculate and reduce climate impacts from construction projects.

Smart Nudges is a B2B SaaS Platform using behavioral science to optimize the behavioral change potential for climate-friendly habits in areas such as energy, mobility, waste, water, circularity, etc.

Graphmatech is a materials technology company that invents, develops and sells graphene-based materials. Aros Graphene® is a patented graphene hybrid material technology which has solved the long-standing agglomeration issue in graphene applications.

Vultus offers a satellite system for precision farming. The technology enables farmers around the world to grow healthier plants at a lower cost and significantly reduces environmental harm.

Material Exchange is transforming the way the fashion industry sources materials by building the best fashion sourcing team in the industry who, utilizing our software, helps brands make smarter, more sustainable choices in a fraction of the time.

Qoitech aims to revolutionize the way companies are optimizing energy consumption of their battery driven products. Energy Optimisstion for Iot / battery driven devices.