Ellure’s vision is to transform the FMCG sector into circularity without compromising consumer choices. We develop innovative technologies and processes that improve the life cycle of consumer products such that it maximizes value and minimizes waste.

Vourity is a SaaS platform for self-service sales, payments and access. Main focus is in e-Mobility in making it easy for drivers to pay for and use EV charging with creditcard payments.

We have developed an overall solution for the process of buying and installing EV chargers all around Sweden. We also handle the Grön Teknik subsidy which Swedish consumers can get from the government.

Envista is the method for you who want to get to know your buildlings and be able to work smarter för improved heat and energy performance in eisting property stock.

Watersprint purifies water with new LED technology. All of us at Watersprint are dedicated to disinfecting water in a sustainable way. We simply want to make a positive impact on the global supply of safe water.

We innovate your daily cleaning products by reducing plastic waste, toxic ingredients and CO2 emissions. We developed small and biodegradable cleaning tablets and offer reusable bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.

Coeo’s platform makes it easy to create engaging, digital and hybrid conferences and meetings. Also offers access to our admin system for agencies or repeat customers wanting to create and offer digital conferences themselves.

At NordAmps, our nanowire transistor technology gives you the performance of III-V and the manufacturability of silicon. We offer a design kit containing compact models and library files for high-frequency-band 5G applications and beyond.

DUG is a vegan plant-based drink. It is made from potatoes, has a really low carbon footprint and works just like any other milk. Patented emulsion technology to develop new ways to harness the power of the potato and create innovative foods.

Tracy of Sweden has developed two innovative global products based on technological excellence in AI-based image analysis for complete traceability of the forest flow.