PlasticFri is a GreenTech company from Sweden with a breakthrough technology turning agricultural waste to eco-friendly products for replacing plastics.

Edeva provides solutions for the future city’s sustainable mobility. We offer solutions within the fields of vehicle counting and classification, vehicle weighing, environmental sensing and a unique traffic safety system.

We create innovative and sustainable energy solutions. Our outreach is B2B to offer a complete solution which is customized and scalable.

Greenworks has a leading position as a supplier of integrated plant system and green walls on the Swedish market collaborating with the leading architects, property owners and construction companies.

Worldfavor makes it easy for organizations to access and share ESG data. Our sustainability platform leverages the latest technology for businesses to gain insight and make sustainable decisions

At Sproud, we make an alternative to dairy milk that is tastier, healthier and more sustainable than oat, soy, almond or any other plant milk alternative.

Karma is an app that connects restaurants, cafes and grocery stores with users eager to purchase unsold food at a lower price. Offers a solution with minimal administration and high reliability.

Utilifeed is a young innovative company that provides intelligent web-based services for district heating utility providers and building owners.

SweGaN develops custom-made epitaxial wafers with revolutionary technology. SweGaN’s unique Gallium-Nitride technology provides world-leading conductivity and thermal characteristics.

Green AI superpowers with WSE-2, the world’s fastest processor. Green AI Cloud’s solution fits almost all applications in AI and ML, data research and simulations.