We Don’t Have Time is the world’s largest social media for climate solutions, connecting everyone who wants to solve the climate crisis. The platform brings together businesses, scientists, change makers and policy makers to create the solutions.

Heat Management’s primary customers include power and heat plants as well as pulp mills and marine companies. We provide advanced sootblowing optimization system and infrasound cleaning solutions.

ProptechCore helps Real Estate owners/managers/developers to accelerate the energy optimization and decarbonization journey with an open AI and data platform.

Ingrid Capacity builds large-scale energy storage and currently has 500MW under planning. With energy storage, the peeks in production can be smoothed out, while the storage contributes to create balance in the main grid.

We do simulation, analytics and data that enables a green transition. We help banks help their customers to understand and take action to do energy efficiency actions to their homes.

Chromafora is an innovative Swedish cleantech company that have unique purification technology and patented methods to remove heavy metals and PFAS from polluted water, and to extract valuable metals for recycling.

SurfCleaner is a Swedish water treatment specialist and pioneer of the world’s first skimmer separator hybrid. We are on a mission to make a positive, direct and sustainable impact on the environment.

Turn Energy is a Sweden-based Independent Power Producer (IPP) of solar PV parks founded by a group of dedicated people with the ambition to help realize the true potential of solar energy throughout the northern Europe market.

The word Ekkono means Cognition. Using our SDK you can rapidly develop and deploy self-learning, predictive and personalized smart features to your IoT products. We make connected things smart.

Skrym is a headless solution for optimizing logistics with built-in emissions tracking. Skrym has developed a set of tools to help you take back control of your logistics. All functionality is available as standalone APIs, so you only pay for what you need.