Lignin Industries has a patented revolutionary technology of transforming lignin, the most abundant unused biopolymer on earth, into a renewable and functional biomaterial replacing fossil-based plastics and thereby reducing CO2 emissions radically.

Nitrocapt electrifies the nitrogen fertilizer industry, the largest chemical industry on earth. In this way, we can make the process fossil-free, emission-free, locally produced, and especially much more energy efficient, and hence with lower production cost.

GREEN MANUFACTURING and MOBILITY REIMAGINED. STILRIDE is a Swedish technology and design company that develops electro-mobility devices based on sustainable industrial origami – STILFOLD.

Plant’s software helps construction and property companies calculate and reduce climate impacts from construction projects.

Envix is a Swedish consulting company having a broad expertise within soil, rock and water treatment. End of Waste is part of Envix vision and we transform costly waste in profitable product to contribute to the circular economy.

Plexigrid provide solutions that enable Distribution Grid Operators (DSOs) to run their grid more efficiently today and become an active driver of the transformation required to realize the energy transition.

Vultus offers a satellite system for precision farming. The technology enables farmers around the world to grow healthier plants at a lower cost and significantly reduces environmental harm.

We make it easier for everyone to eat plant-based. Therefore we make super tasty vegan alternatives to all your favorite foods. Just swap your regular meat for our plant-based meat made from peas, and you reduce your carbon footprint.

At Mycorena, we are on a mission to significantly change how we produce and consume food. We believe in the power of fungi and want to pave the way for a sustainability revolution by offering the industry scalable, high-quality products.

Grönska is revolutionizing food production by developing systems for indoor vertical cultivation. With the grow cabinet GrowOff, everyone can grow, all year round, without pesticides.