Yangi® is reshaping the world of packaging by pioneering a revolutionary dry forming manufacturing technology and next-generation fibre-based solutions, meeting the needs of brands and converters for more sustainable packaging alternatives.

Stella provides access to clean and reliable energy to hospitals. Its a matter of justice. Accessability is about business innovation, having a capable infrastructure roll-out and possessing knowledge within robust and reliable technology.

We optimize power grid owners’ asset management with our platform that visualizes and annotates image data so they can maintain and expand their grid more sustainably, both from a climate and business perspective.

Plexigrid provide solutions that enable Distribution Grid Operators (DSOs) to run their grid more efficiently today and become an active driver of the transformation required to realize the energy transition.

Our insurances create maximum security and make more people dare to take the step to consume more sustainably, whether it’s renting a car or buying a used phone.

We develop hardware and software for power optimization, for properties between 16A and 2500A. We do this by measuring and balancing power usage. All data is shown in our platform, making power optimization easily accessible for everyone.

Aqua Robur is a full-service provider in monitoring and analyzing water distribution & wastewater infrastructure at a system level. Through award-winning innovations, Aqua Robur plays an important role in fighting the global water crisis.

Velove provides a complete last mile delivery eco-system for e-commerce operators to switch from van to e-cargobike for small parcel delivery in urban areas, making deliveries more flexible, productive, city friendly and energy efficient.

Founded in 2020 we design living spaces that help people who are starting something new, feel right at home.
By combining design, technology and hospitality from the heart, we unlock potential for cities and it’s people.

By combining AI-Powered data analytics with battery expertise we provide a tailored understanding of battery performance and degradation to our customers.