With our solution, you no longer have to drive to the car wash, we come to you and wash your cars by hand. With Woshapp you save both time and money while doing the environment a favor.

TrusTrace is a leader in textile supply chain traceability and compliance. It aggregates and digitizes supply chain data that was previously unavailable to brands, so they can discover and manage risks and improve ESG performance.

Raymond has developed the state of the art solar roof – “Smart Solar Roof” and win the award Solenergipriset 2022 (best solar installation in Sweden) and Red Herring Global 100 (one of the 100 hottest tech company in the world).

Normative provides science-based carbon accounting software and tailored advice from net zero experts, enabling companies to reduce their carbon footprints and operate sustainably

We empower property owners to solve one of our time’s most important climate issues; how to make properties sustainable. With our cloud based platform for energy usage management, property owners are able to save both time, money and climate impact.

EFUEL is a leading Nordic company in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. We offer a comprehensive product catalog and a network of installers that drives growth while accelerating a seamless transition to sustainable energy consumption.

Doconomy began in 2018 as an impact-tech start up investing in new measures to help tackle climate change. From the very start, we’ve been developing an ecosystem of financial tools to educate and drive positive change.

Bright’s platform can handle different types of energy services. Everything from electricity trading, electricity networks and district heating to broadband, water & sewage, or why not waste management?

Hexcion operates in several markets across the globe to develop offshore floating wind. Hexicon is an early-stage project developer, opening new markets in deep water areas, and a technology provider with a patented floating wind design – TwinWind™

We at Oaks work with property automation, (BMS, HVAC). Within Oaks, we quickly saw that there was a need for a system that, analyses, optimizes and in a clear way also presents this to, for example, the property owner. Therfore we developed Cornelia.