We are building a platform for companies to be able to find competence, capacity and capital so that they can implement their climate projects today. We make sure they can buy climate projects as a service, with no upfront costs.

Circulaire is a premium second-hand discovery platform, where customers can browse and find their next gems from different online stores, all in one place.

Hollbium is a sustainable indoor farming solution that transforms any indoor wall into a thriving garden. Its closed-loop system is environmentally responsible and minimizes waste.

We take advantage of the changes in the energy market to create profitable and sustainable deals on investments in renewable energy on behalf of our customers.

Coeo’s platform makes it easy to create engaging, digital and hybrid conferences and meetings. Also offers access to our admin system for agencies or repeat customers wanting to create and offer digital conferences themselves.

Rebase Energy empower energy innovators with data and tools to optimally dispatch distributed energy resources while maintaining the balance and robustness of the grid.

Brick is a Stockholm-based network for power bank-sharing that allows users to pick up a charger in one location and return it to another. In other words, making “running out of battery” a thing of the past.

Green AI superpowers with WSE-2, the world’s fastest processor. Green AI Cloud’s solution fits almost all applications in AI and ML, data research and simulations.

Our innovative charging solution enables multiples EVs to share a centralized charging unit where only a charging socket is located at each parking bay. This enables discrete, power efficient and sustainable EV charging.

Management innovation consultancy using sustainability as an innovation strategy. We deliver a 90-day program for sustainability innovation assessment, foresight and portfolio prioritisation based on ISO for Innovation standards.