By 2050 we will face an over 50% increase in food demand, this meanwile slimate change will severely impact agricultural productivity. OlsAro works with AI enabled climate adaption of crops – for a resilient agriculture and food security

KOASTAL supports fishermen and sea enthusiasts with the cultivation of seaweed. This enables farmers to faster and more efficiently establish new and profitable farming units.

Simply No Waste aims to solve nutritional deficiencies by elevating food ingredients and nutraceuticals from food waste streams using modern extraction technologies to extract natural micro-nutrients and bioactive compounds.

NYZÜs goal is to modify crops to grow faster and increase biomass production for indoor agriculture by utilizing the CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Providing humankind with the crops of the future and making food production sustainable.

Ignitia began as a research project to understand the differences in tropical weather events and create a model to more accurately predict them. With an accuracy of 84%, our forecasts are more than twice as accurate as global producers.

We help farmers be more sustainable in their irrigation process. Our unique technology helps them save up to 50% of water while increasing crop production by up to 40% while helping them take data-driven decisions.