Nobon is a digital carbon project development service and financing platform that aims to disrupt the carbon project development value chain in order to increase the share of carbon credit investments that goes to actual project development.

We collect publicly available greenhouse gas data from companies and fuse it with market insights. rnThis results in an objective assessment, providing clarity and perspective on companys greenhouse gas impact.

Globhe, short for Global Health, is a marketplace platform for organizations looking to scale their drone data collection and understand our planet, to find the right drone operators, everywhere on Earth, today 10’000 drone operators, 143 countries

We prolong the shelf life by 3-7 times for fruit and vegetables with a sustainable coating. We reducing food waste, the need for refrigeration and plastic packaging. The coating is antimicrobial and creates a barrier to keep the produce fresh.

Footprint Level® develops services that visualise complex sustainability data in a simple way. The first service the CO2-meter was launched in 2023. The second service – The Circularity Meter™ is under development. Office at Norrsken House, Sthlm.

Re:meat has the mission to help save our planet by redefining how meat ends up on our plates. Re:meat is catalyzing large scale production of cultivated meat by introducing a novel process system IP allowing for radically lower production costs.

We deliver the tools to decarbonize the whole value chain of insurance industry. B2B SaaS solution in production use with paying customers in the Nordics and continental Europe.

Hyggligt revolutionizes forestry through cutting-edge continuous cover techniques. We help forest owners maximize carbon reduction, biodiversity and economical return through our optimization solution for continuous cover forestry.

Atmoz offers a data driven end-to-end carbon management platform that seamlessly plugs into existing accounting software and ERP systems, making carbon management accessible and affordable for all businesses.

Discover Jord’s innovative solution to remove and reuse CO₂ from the atmosphere using photosynthesis, a natural process that has sustained Earth for billions of years, now refined and accelerated.