ProptechCore helps Real Estate owners/managers/developers to accelerate the energy optimization and decarbonization journey with an open AI and data platform.

The Reload app enables all charging stationowners to create a public charging point for electric cars. Reload is easily integrated with all types of charging stations.

Modular Cycling develops, builds and installs innovative low-carbon active mobility infrastructure solutions.
By replacing asphalt with wood, we provide a healthier product both for people and the earth.

We empower property owners to solve one of our time’s most important climate issues; how to make properties sustainable. With our cloud based platform for energy usage management, property owners are able to save both time, money and climate impact.

We are experts in sustainability with a focus on energy and climate impact. We help you future-proof your business by providing insights into climate impact and energy consumption as well as by providing support in making adjustments.

We help real estate companies towards sustainability and profitability through efficient resource usage. We craft existing systems in buildings to a cohesive, future proof digital mosaic, turn data to insights and enhance the existing capabilities.

Greenworks has a leading position as a supplier of integrated plant system and green walls on the Swedish market collaborating with the leading architects, property owners and construction companies.

ClimateView is a climate tech startup that accelerates cities transition to zero
carbon economies. The digital platform, ClimateOS, combines data and systemic analysis to enable cities to plan, manage and fund the transition to net zero.

SWATAB is Swedish company with a focus on a sustainable society. With the patented product DIRO, SWATAB can offer everyone an opportunity to wash and clean completely without chemicals.

At Flow Below AB we use temperature sensors to map inflow and infiltration. A service in which the result is a map of the pipe network where the customer can see the main sources of supplemental water.