We design and supply decentralised, nature-based wastewater treatment systems.

Voltiva is a specialist in charge point operation for multiple and complex EV charging systems with the highest standard of professional infrastructure and services.

Windeed is a deeptech company in floating wind power, at sea, where the winds are stronger. Innovative floating platforms and engineering solutions for rapid growth in a global market.

Our solution is to control the heating, ventilation and cooling of properties based on local weather data to reduce energy demand, cut power peaks and achieve a more even indoor climate.

Sally R provides a cloud-based service for commercial real estate, to achieve ESG goals. Optimized performance for your HVAC systems results in energy savings and improved air quality.

SenSiC AB develops and produces gas sensors which are at the core in the systems we offer. Typical applications are found in the control of combustion in industrial processes, such as gas burner control in steel mill reheating furnaces.

Qtagg develops and delivers an intelligent propulsion control system for large sea going vessels.
Using a machine learning algorithm the system calculates and controls the ship to arrive just in time at the lowest possible cost every voyage.

The company shall carry out development, management and sale of IT systems as well as activities compatible therewith.

Robotic lawnmovers working together.They work in our patented system, which does not require you to have electricity drawn. We have replaced strong current with batteries and fixed installations with flexibility.

Smart Ring is a single-phase isolated compact switchgear intended for distribution networks. The switchgear can be offered in a variety of variants and suits most areas of use for 12 kV power distribution.