2D fab has developed a process for extracting graphen from graphite. The unique production process is energy efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly. This makes it possible to offer graphene at a competitive price.

PlantVation develop and deliver cultivation technology to the forestry industry. Our main product is a big scale, fully automated vertical cultivation system that pre-cultivates seedlings in a closed environment and provides year-round production.

Biocompost provides turnkey solutions for composting organic waste into clean resources. The result is hygienic, nutrient-rich soil improvement products.

We redefine the concept of locally grown food – by developing cultivation systems for vertical and indoor cultivation in urban environments – we create opportunities for food production inside, or in direct connection to grocery stores.

Clean up your systems. We restore your plant to optimal performance and make it more reliable. Our method also increases the lifespan of your equipment.

Absolicon help industries switch from fossil fuels through a profitable, flexible and emission-free energy solution with solar thermal resources. Collector Absolicon T160 can supply heat and steam to a wide range of processes and industry segments.

Our aim is to solve challenges in society: A resource efficient and sustainable process to enable a green pharmaceutical industry. Increase the use of natural flavor and fragrance and commercialise the patented process for sustainable biofuels.