Enduce drives the transition to environmentally and climate-smart showers. Hot water heating is the single biggest consumer of energy after space heating, for both homes and hotels. Most of the hot tap water is used for showering.

At Flow Below AB we use temperature sensors to map inflow and infiltration. A service in which the result is a map of the pipe network where the customer can see the main sources of supplemental water.

We offer a new flexible infrastructure of climate-smart Zero Emission Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FC-EV).

Coeo’s platform makes it easy to create engaging, digital and hybrid conferences and meetings. Also offers access to our admin system for agencies or repeat customers wanting to create and offer digital conferences themselves.

A food producing company aiming to bring ecological, economical and social value into the cities by growing sustainable food in or nearby the urban areas. Vertical farming is one way.

Climate smart mobile ventilation with heating/cooling. Pure Generation AC can be adapted to deliver heat or cooling – or both combined. Measuring of temperature ensures desired cabin climate before departure.