Turn Energy is a Sweden-based Independent Power Producer (IPP) of solar PV parks founded by a group of dedicated people with the ambition to help realize the true potential of solar energy throughout the northern Europe market.

Havredals exists to create innovations that can contribute to a healthy planet with healthy people. We want to contribute by inventing sustainable food with Nordic crops and natural processes.

Innovating the future of agriculture with Artificial Intelligence (ANN). Intended for and used by – Maltsters, Mills, Seed & Grain Industry.

The company shall conduct development and sales of computerized allocation systems over the network, primarily for transport and freight forwarding.

Biocell Analytica offers methods to detect chemical contaminants in the environment, e.g. in drinking water, waste water, surface water, soil, sediment and food.

We develop apps with a focus on gamification social innovation and sustainability. Our way of working with sustainability is to prioritize projects that have a positive impact on society.

The company develops new technologies to improve performance of spacecrafts, electric vehicles, battery packs and demanding electronics. The core technology also has other suitable applications, for later exploitation.

Airwatergreen AB is a Swedish air treatment company that offers energy-efficient dehumidification and air treatment in all climates.

AirForestry thins forests in a new way: from the air. Our innovative thinning reduce carbon dioxide emissions from forestry work while increasing the forest’s ability to sequester carbon by freeling up 20% of forest land.

Luma has for several years led the development of solar cell installations for commercial properties in Sweden. We have also developed a leading digital tool for monitoring and managing solar cell systems