Lignin Industries has a patented revolutionary technology of transforming lignin, the most abundant unused biopolymer on earth, into a renewable and functional biomaterial replacing fossil-based plastics and thereby reducing CO2 emissions radically.

Nitrocapt electrifies the nitrogen fertilizer industry, the largest chemical industry on earth. In this way, we can make the process fossil-free, emission-free, locally produced, and especially much more energy efficient, and hence with lower production cost.

Drupps works with recycling of industrial evaporative wastewater with negative opex by utilizing steam’s own latent heat to increase water efficiency and drought resiliency.

Graphmatech is a materials technology company that invents, develops and sells graphene-based materials. Aros Graphene® is a patented graphene hybrid material technology which has solved the long-standing agglomeration issue in graphene applications.

Tvinn is an innovation company that create advanced systems and products that contribute to a more sustainable future. We want to simplify the development of connected and smart products and make it easier to create sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Advantage aim to enable a green and profitable climate transition for society, companies and people. Therefore, our digital tool facilitate for various social actors to understand and analyze the situation now and in the future.

We grow plants with humidity. It’s called aeroponics and we do it super locally, intelligently – and with ambitious plans. With more taste, no soil and less water, we want to create a plant revolution worldwide.

Vakansa’s want to promote sustainable urban development where we meet people’s local needs, without the need for new construction. The most sustainable building is the one that never needs to be built.

Ngenic creates a platform for the smart home with digitized energy services for both consumers and energy companies, and is an industry-leading energy technology company that works with digitization and efficiency of energy systems.

Turn Energy is a Sweden-based Independent Power Producer (IPP) of solar PV parks founded by a group of dedicated people with the ambition to help realize the true potential of solar energy throughout the northern Europe market.