BoMill develops and markets advanced sorting solutions to reduce waste and optimize the use and value of grains. Its patented technology allows accurate sorting, based on the internal properties of each individual kernel.

Our mission is to help businesses accelerate their net zero emission journey by empowering them with value chain collaboration software.

Our vision is to become the first carpooling service for Swedish commuters that actually works and that makes a measurable impact through reduced environmental impact.

Angry Camel is a leading provider of high-functional premium chickpea protein isolate optimized through a clean extraction process.

GIAB industrializes circular solutions for reusage of returns and damaged goods. By prolonging the life of products, we provide a service to companies with unwanted products while simultaneously benefitting the environment.

Klara Byggsystem provides concrete free, prefabricated housing foundations. It is installed in 1 day, as safe and durable as a concrete slab but with 70 % less CO2-emissions.

Simply No Waste aims to solve nutritional deficiencies by elevating food ingredients and nutraceuticals from food waste streams using modern extraction technologies to extract natural micro-nutrients and bioactive compounds.

Watersprint purifies water with new LED technology. All of us at Watersprint are dedicated to disinfecting water in a sustainable way. We simply want to make a positive impact on the global supply of safe water.

We innovate your daily cleaning products by reducing plastic waste, toxic ingredients and CO2 emissions. We developed small and biodegradable cleaning tablets and offer reusable bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.

We created Passenger because we want to change how people transport themselves by making ridesharing an easy and accessible alternative. With one tap on your phone, Passenger will in real-time match you with a driver or passenger heading your way.