Know Your Grid – smart condition monitoring and precise fault positioning for overhead lines. Enabling the power grid we need today for the energy transition of tomorrow.

Fixi is a mediator between bike stores and customers. Connecting bike stores and customers in a single platform called Fixi.

We make emobility smarter and more accessible for everyone and want to solve the infrastructural energy challenges the world is facing by new AI-enhanced products services and business models.

3E flow works by drawing water out of the pipe when a tap is turned off, returning it to the tank or heat exchanger, leaving an empty pipe. The instant a tap is opened water is delivered directly to the tap.

Arctic Space Technologies is revolutionizing the way we handle space data. CO2-emissions, long latency times and data bottlenecks are all threats to the commercialisation of the space business.

Our products and services offer solutions for improving energy efficiency, increasing safety for workers, and lowering energy consumption.

H66cloud, powered by 100% renewable energy, is now live and available for you to use. Infinite customisations, no vendor lock-ins, latest and greatest hardware and much more to accelerate your business.

Optimize supervision, maintenance and error reporting based on millions of data points. Estate Log’s digital tools focus not only on creating sustainable properties, but also sustainability that makes a difference to the people who live in them.