We create an ecosystem AI of other solutions and collect all APIs in to one app instead of many. Think Airbnb and hotels but different energy sources.

Cresponix is a patented technology that enables sustainable feed production and good animal welfare in land-based farming of fish and shrimp, while being completely waste-free and reducing production costs by 20%.

Re:Lab team has developed over a decennium a circular solution for the life science research laboratory plasticware. We convert mixed laboratory research plasticware, via syngas into renewable hydrogen and carbon without emission.

Srcful envisions accelerating renewable energy growth by creating a decentralized energy grid, rewarding sustainable energy production & promoting grid stability. It leverages blockchain technology for transparency & efficiency in the energy market.

Tracy of Sweden has developed two innovative global products based on technological excellence in AI-based image analysis for complete traceability of the forest flow.

Offering over 80% carbon emissions savings by using recycled glass and sand instead of steel for the simple process of moving a building’s air

Sustainable products designed for the little ones. Our products are Organic, GOTS, fair trade, eco-friendly, biodegradable, vegan or made from FSC wood and paper. Completely non-toxic.

We are re-inventing cement; Replacing everything that’s bad about it with a product that is economical, environmental friendly and technically superior.