We create innovative and sustainable energy solutions. Our outreach is B2B to offer a complete solution which is customized and scalable.

Smart traffic sensors power smart cities. We provide real time AI traffic insights for all road users including vehicles and pedestrians.

Awaio is The workplace app that helps companies to promote their offices and support work-life balance. Share office resources with members in your own branded workplace community.

The RAPID ONE is a 3D-printer that enables the use of more sustainable materials with repeatable and fast results. Unique bio-based approach to material development without compromising on functionality.

Footly makes it extremely easy for you to sell and buy already produced items without any extra effort. With money as a driving force, we can quickly influence consumption in the right direction.

Optibinary offers a tailormade and smart cardboard solution for all your deliveries. The patented technology creates a more resource effecient e-commerce by optimizing the usage of both material and logistics