Onvo gives you a system without backwards compatibility issues. It is a package where safety, usability and high efficiency are guaranteed. Control equipment for real estate, green spaces and industry with safety, speed and quality in focus.

Easyserv develop smart systems that effectively make use of the flexibility that is currently unused in every villa and property. Easyserv’s knowledge and experience provides the opportunity for smart consumption flexibility and power balancing.

The word Ekkono means Cognition. Using our SDK you can rapidly develop and deploy self-learning, predictive and personalized smart features to your IoT products. We make connected things smart.

A solar hybrid is a smart concept solution for energy optimization. The concept consists of a cold solar panel connected to a geothermal heat pump. A solar hybrid produces both electricity and heat and gives a good return for many years to come.

We are an innovative technology and electronics company with products in environmental monitoring. Smart alarm notify you if values ​​are exceeded, regarding e.g. temperature, humidity, radon, CO2, pressure or energy consumption.

Yangi® is reshaping the world of packaging by pioneering a revolutionary dry forming manufacturing technology and next-generation fibre-based solutions, meeting the needs of brands and converters for more sustainable packaging alternatives.

The patented z.trusion® technology enables you to create advanced structures and topologies in extruded profiles in one easy manufacturing step, removing the need for after processing and letting you make smarter use of your material.

Omniloop is an underground tube-based system for delivering goods and packages to, and waste and recycling from, households in cities. Two patents are granted and several pending.