Ocean Harvesting is a privately held company with offices in Karlskrona and Gothenburg, Sweden. After years of research within the wave energy sector, the company started in 2017 to develop the InfinityWEC wave energy converter.

Bärta® is manufactured by Swedish Temptations AB. The peas are grown in Sweden and fermented into culinary delights in our production kitchen in Karlshamn. BÄRTA® is easily digestible, full of vegetable proteins and rich in fiber.

Flocazur is a deeptech technology that separate and recycle substances/particles from liquids. Flocazur has five different reactions in one reactor. The technology enhances the natural physical and chemical forces that bind particles.

Sculptur is a Swedish company specialized in large scale additive manufacturing and circular transition. We have refined design and technology to perfection and made sure all products are made of recycled or biobased material ready for easy recycle.

The NODA solution portfolio captures innovation and knowledge built over many years. We have long experience, proven results and cooperation with leading energy companies. We create content in your digital energy infrastructure.