Nitrocapt electrifies the nitrogen fertilizer industry, the largest chemical industry on earth. In this way, we can make the process fossil-free, emission-free, locally produced, and especially much more energy efficient, and hence with lower production cost.

Drupps works with recycling of industrial evaporative wastewater with negative opex by utilizing steam’s own latent heat to increase water efficiency and drought resiliency.

Rebase Energy empower energy innovators with data and tools to optimally dispatch distributed energy resources while maintaining the balance and robustness of the grid.

Sally R provides a cloud-based service for commercial real estate, to achieve ESG goals. Optimized performance for your HVAC systems results in energy savings and improved air quality.

We grow plants with humidity. It’s called aeroponics and we do it super locally, intelligently – and with ambitious plans. With more taste, no soil and less water, we want to create a plant revolution worldwide.

Pharem´s mission is to develop efficient water treatment solutions. The applications provide effective means of removing hazardous organic pollutants in water environments.

Biocell Analytica offers methods to detect chemical contaminants in the environment, e.g. in drinking water, waste water, surface water, soil, sediment and food.

The company develops new technologies to improve performance of spacecrafts, electric vehicles, battery packs and demanding electronics. The core technology also has other suitable applications, for later exploitation.

Airwatergreen AB is a Swedish air treatment company that offers energy-efficient dehumidification and air treatment in all climates.

Our controlled microwave heating can be used in different industries. Currently our primary focus is on the manufacturing of carbon fiber composites, where homogeneous heating dramatically reduces the amount of cracks in the material.