Nobon is a digital carbon project development service and financing platform that aims to disrupt the carbon project development value chain in order to increase the share of carbon credit investments that goes to actual project development.

Revolutionizing energy trading by unlocking the power of data and machine learning. Our software products help energy trading companies to increase the profit and reduce the risk of their renewable energy trading.

We prolong the shelf life by 3-7 times for fruit and vegetables with a sustainable coating. We reducing food waste, the need for refrigeration and plastic packaging. The coating is antimicrobial and creates a barrier to keep the produce fresh.

Panter is a digital return system enabling and ensuring the rotation of reusable packaging. For the guests, it’s like a library. For the restaurant it’s packaging as a service, subscription-based. Compliance and climate impact guaranteed.

Hyggligt revolutionizes forestry through cutting-edge continuous cover techniques. We help forest owners maximize carbon reduction, biodiversity and economical return through our optimization solution for continuous cover forestry.

IPercept Technology is a B2B, industrial software and services company specialized in remote and stand-alone solutions for maintenance and operational improvement of industrial machinery.

A biomimetic solution to Carbon Capture. We are developing a novel enzyme, Carbonic Anhydrase, which acts as a biocatalyst to accelerate CO2 absorption and reduce energy consumption for post-combustion CCUS.

Sea Technology is Future-proofing investments in global maritime transport by providing a logistic revolution – an intersection between land and shore – The Sea Tech Floating Terminal.

FLOX is a KTH spinoff that has since 2020 been developing solutions to help various stakeholders manage wildlife – from farmers and landowners to airports, golf courses and even train operators.

Ekbacken Studios creates sustainable masterpiece furniture. We are on a mission to redefine luxury and the way we consume. Through the upcycling of waste material, our furniture is both durable and luxurious, contributing to lower climate impact.