We offer Sweden’s greenest car pool and vehicle pool. A complete solution where we take care of all administration and operation. We provide booking systems and help with planning and installation of charging stations and other infrastructure.

We created Passenger because we want to change how people transport themselves by making ridesharing an easy and accessible alternative. With one tap on your phone, Passenger will in real-time match you with a driver or passenger heading your way.

Smart Nudges is a B2B SaaS Platform using behavioral science to optimize the behavioral change potential for climate-friendly habits in areas such as energy, mobility, waste, water, circularity, etc.

Enjay is a Swedish Greentech company specialized in energy efficiency in hostile environments. We have developed a technical platform that is able to recover energy in polluted airstreams where existing technologies are unable to operate.

Lupinta creates healthy and tasty products from locally grown and harvested lupine beans from Skåne. Our goal is to provide you with a more environmentally friendly and tasty alternative to meat and soy.

Mylla sell locally produced food online with home-delivery. Good products directly from our food producers. It should be easy to aquire locally produced foods.