Envista is the method for you who want to get to know your buildlings and be able to work smarter för improved heat and energy performance in existing property stock.

LunaMicro is developing active moisture management technology for the next generation of smart textiles. Our product is a textile that pumps water from the inside to the outside of the fabric with power from a small battery.

Our vision is a flexible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly microwave-based solution for large-scale drying that promotes a globally accelerated transition to fossil-free wood production.

Vi har skapat ett molnbaserat energihanteringssystem som hjälper industrier att visualisera, spåra och spara energi i realtid. Vi vill att alla ska kunna energieffektivisera på ett enkelt sätt.

Cellfion manufactures and commercializes bio-based membranes and ionomers for electrochemical devices i.e. Fuel cells and Redox Flow Batteries. Our material enables the technologies of tomorrow to become more sustainable, affordable and accessible.

Epishine works with product development and marketing of the third generation of solar cells; organic solar cells. The unique qualities includes being semitransparent, light weighted and 100% organic resulting in a very low energy payback time.

Patent-pending nanotechnology-based solution that allows smart adaptive size-fit function enabling changing the lateral dimension of textile products. This permits size adjustment upon stimuli and revolutionizes traditional production methods.

SeaPattern is a start up working with a new ocean currents data analysis’ method based on physics informed AI in order to generate both a flow map showing the underwater currents in a region (in high detail) and also predictions of the same field.

Ligna Energy commercialize green and safe energy storage, by utilizing sustainable materials and innovative manufacturing methods. Our first series of organic energy storage is made from forest materials, making use of lignin.

Nordic Energy Audit is a tech company spun off from Linköping University. The core business is advanced energy management and customized digitization solutions for companies and authorities, together with energy-related training packages.