The Winteria system is available as a portable handheld unit and as a fully integrated production system and everything inbetween. A flexible and easy to use handheld system for quality inspection of welded structures.

Southern Lights provides SaaS solutions for green hydrogen and Power-to-X project development. We accelerate the penetration of green hydrogen allowing more projects to be done in a better way at a faster pace and at a lower cost.

Reselo Rubber: the natural choice for sustainable products. At Reselo we develop novel biomaterials from abundant biomass feedstocks as alternative to fossil-derived rubbers and plastics.

Introducing a new era of sustainable marine transportation with self-stabilizing, electric powered hydrofoil systems with a speed, range and comfort beyond what is possible today.

FLOX is a KTH spinoff that has since 2020 been developing solutions to help various stakeholders manage wildlife – from farmers and landowners to airports, golf courses and even train operators.

By pioneering new technology for fiber spinning, we want to develop the sustainable and high-performance lightweight materials of the future

Cellfion manufactures and commercializes bio-based membranes and ionomers for electrochemical devices i.e. Fuel cells and Redox Flow Batteries. Our material enables the technologies of tomorrow to become more sustainable, affordable and accessible.

Quandify develops an intelligent water meter system for residential property owners that enables sub-metering cost-efficiently. The company’s platform uses machine learning to break down water usage data.

Gordian helps charging point operators and logistics companies to make better investment planning decisions for charging infrastructure and accelerate the green and electric transition of the global transport sector.

SustainLab is a Sustainability Management platform that automates the collection, processing and visualization of sustainability data. We give you better visibility into your data, so you can take better action.