We help farmers be more sustainable in their irrigation process. Our unique technology helps them save up to 50% of water while increasing crop production by up to 40% while helping them take data-driven decisions.

Avsalt develops a desalination system with the aim to offer the world’s most efficient, cost effective and low energy solution to a growing problem – the shortage of drinkable water .

Blue Biopower AB frigör molekylkraft och producerar hållbar elektricitet hos lantbrukare genom egenutvecklade mikrokraftverk. Överskottsel kan levereras ut på stamnätet och ger lantbrukaren en extra inkomstkälla.

Helios Innovations develops technology that aims to make one of the world’s most energy-intensive processes, evaporation, more energy efficient. The technology makes use of waste heat, which otherwise goes to waste, and vaporizes industrial liquids.

At NordAmps, our nanowire transistor technology gives you the performance of III-V and the manufacturability of silicon. We offer a design kit containing compact models and library files for high-frequency-band 5G applications and beyond.

Xenergic is developing energy efficient cache memory solutions. A technology intended to reduce electricity consumption by more than half in certain types of memory circuits, with the aim of prolonging battery life in connected products.

Tekinn provides a technology platform for improving the quality of life of people and the planet and serves to improve the field of biotechnology. It enables circular flows of organic side streams to become sustainable and profitable products.

Vultus offers a satellite system for precision farming. The technology enables farmers around the world to grow healthier plants at a lower cost and significantly reduces environmental harm.

Tempiro offers an installation with smart fuses providing cloud control of electric heating hot water and other appliances.
This allows integration to grid owners reducing load when there is lack of power generation.

Qoitech aims to revolutionize the way companies are optimizing energy consumption of their battery driven products. Energy Optimisstion for Iot / battery driven devices.