Palats is a digital platform that simplifies stocktaking, management and reuse of existing material and inventories, reducing waste in the construction and real estate industry.

Compular leads material development into the digital era. With its novel simulation software, the company enables battery developers to become more efficient and innovative by predicting the material properties of new chemical compositions.

Aqua Robur is a full-service provider in monitoring and analyzing water distribution & wastewater infrastructure at a system level. Through award-winning innovations, Aqua Robur plays an important role in fighting the global water crisis.

At Mimbly, we aim to positively impact the health and fate of our planet by changing unsustainable behaviours. Our focus is to help businesses with larger scale laundry rooms, such as facility management and housing companies, to make these changes.

Simplex Motion develops integrated electric servo motors, engineered for high output torque, energy efficiency and precise control. Simplex Motion holds a patented technology for motor position feedback.

Our software automates the creation of 3D worlds for simulation. This enables faster, cost efficient and tailored development of autonomous vehicles

Insplorion has a patented sensor platform, NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS). The technology makes it possible to study nano processes on surfaces and in thin layers. The sensors’ high sensitivity and robust character suits R&D applications.

Atium’s reusable filter technology enables selective removal of mercury from water, in a more effective and sustainable way than ever before.

Aquammodate adapts Nature’s finest separation for use in the recovery of high purity raw materials like lithium, CO2, and pure water from any accessible water.

Smena has developed a 2D nanostructured material with unique sensing and catalytic properties based on the abundant natural mineral Molybdenite (MoS2).