Glenntex is a circularity focused deeptech that produces packaging additives that reduces the carbon footprint of existing packaging by 57% and helps companies use up to 94% post consumer plastic in their design.

We at Valys enable water treatment plants and environmental agencies to streamline their processes through our by offering advanced, real-time analysis of water quality.

Ambidex is an energy flexibility company developing a software solution to be able to control the electrical consumption in food retail refrigeration systems based on the demands of the electrical grid.

Algeno provides AI-based heating control for real estate, which optimizes energy consumption and reduces the climate footprint as well as the heating costs.

We empower the much needed sustainability transition in small and medium sized companies, by offering a digital sustainability manager. Our tool helps companies set sustainability visions, goals and targets that are relevant for the company.

We produce uniquely functional materials that are good for the planet. Our mission is to be the world-leading producer of advanced materials from algae and a driving force towards a circular and bio-based industry.

On a large scale, a cost-effective way to store large amounts of compressed air can be in balloons at the bottom of the ocean where the pressure from the water depth keeps the air compressed.

Metry digitises energy data and helps real estate companies become more energy efficient. Collect data from your utility company, your smart meters or your regular meters and send the data to the system of your choice.

Sinom is the smart planning tool for automated planning of maintenance and renovation towards energy and climate goals. We help you achieve these goals while saving you time and money with our automated planning tool

Eneryield is developing machine learning methods for intelligent analytics of power quality, capable of classifying and finding the root-cause of power quality events giving the necessary information to take action and mitigate disturbances