EFUEL is a leading Nordic company in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. We offer a comprehensive product catalog and a network of installers that drives growth while accelerating a seamless transition to sustainable energy consumption.

Chromafora is an innovative Swedish cleantech company that have unique purification technology and patented methods to remove heavy metals and PFAS from polluted water, and to extract valuable metals for recycling.

At Mimbly, we aim to positively impact the health and fate of our planet by changing unsustainable behaviours. Our focus is to help businesses with larger scale laundry rooms, such as facility management and housing companies, to make these changes.

By developing products that enable the haulers to save money on reduced fuel consumption, we contribute to the transition to a more sustainable transport industry by using big data and advanced algorithms.

Qtagg develops and delivers an intelligent propulsion control system for large sea going vessels.
Using a machine learning algorithm the system calculates and controls the ship to arrive just in time at the lowest possible cost every voyage.

We are rethinking transportation based on first principles to provide Cost to Destination as a Service using software and a network of EV fast chargers coupled with grid battery storage

Freelway creates more transport and delivery opportunities through matching and coordination for public transport, businesses, village teams and other organizations

DiPP-R was founded as a spin off from Smarter Mobility. In 2020 we filed our patent application for an electric power system and power management system for an electric powered vehicle with a battery in a cargo box we call DiPPER.

Biocell Analytica offers methods to detect chemical contaminants in the environment, e.g. in drinking water, waste water, surface water, soil, sediment and food.

Position Green’s proprietary platform helps customers to efficiently and smartly collect, analyze, visualize and report sustainability data.