IPercept Technology is a B2B, industrial software and services company specialized in remote and stand-alone solutions for maintenance and operational improvement of industrial machinery.

Our product, Norrsken, enables consumers to contribute to a better whole that was previously unthinkable. With the Northern Lights in your home, you become an active part of the electricity grid.

Vourity is a SaaS platform for self-service sales, payments and access. Main focus is in e-Mobility in making it easy for drivers to pay for and use EV charging with creditcard payments.

Our mission is to make it as simple and convenient as possible for people to own a bike. We’ve created a platform and app for gathering a user’s current needs in one place.

Edeva provides solutions for the future city’s sustainable mobility. We offer solutions within the fields of vehicle counting and classification, vehicle weighing, environmental sensing and a unique traffic safety system.

Einride designs, develops and deploys technologies for freight mobility. By building grids powered by the intelligent platform Einride Saga, electric and autonomous fleets, charging infrastructure and connectivity networks — a resilient shipping future is unlocked.

We have developed an IoT wireless irrigation solution. Our solar powered watering stations are environmentally friendly and maintenance free. We have an irrigation controller, for alarms and weather forecast trough mobile and web apps.

Utilifeed is a young innovative company that provides intelligent web-based services for district heating utility providers and building owners.

Tvinn is an innovation company that create advanced systems and products that contribute to a more sustainable future. We want to simplify the development of connected and smart products and make it easier to create sustainable solutions.

Tempiro offers an installation with smart fuses providing cloud control of electric heating hot water and other appliances.
This allows integration to grid owners reducing load when there is lack of power generation.