Heat Management’s primary customers include power and heat plants as well as pulp mills and marine companies. We provide advanced sootblowing optimization system and infrasound cleaning solutions.

Greenworks has a leading position as a supplier of integrated plant system and green walls on the Swedish market collaborating with the leading architects, property owners and construction companies.

Gimic is one of Sweden’s leading companies in providing complete autonomous visual inspection solutions. Our inspection software performs image analysis with the power of AI according to our customers’ quality standards.

Vi har skapat ett molnbaserat energihanteringssystem som hjälper industrier att visualisera, spåra och spara energi i realtid. Vi vill att alla ska kunna energieffektivisera på ett enkelt sätt.

Colabit develops and produces renewable fuels that can be used directly in conventional engines, regardless of whether they run on diesel, petrol or jet fuel. No conversion is required and they work in existing infrastructure.

We are re-inventing cement; Replacing everything that’s bad about it with a product that is economical, environmental friendly and technically superior.

Cellfion manufactures and commercializes bio-based membranes and ionomers for electrochemical devices i.e. Fuel cells and Redox Flow Batteries. Our material enables the technologies of tomorrow to become more sustainable, affordable and accessible.

Quandify develops an intelligent water meter system for residential property owners that enables sub-metering cost-efficiently. The company’s platform uses machine learning to break down water usage data.

Insplorion has a patented sensor platform, NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS). The technology makes it possible to study nano processes on surfaces and in thin layers. The sensors’ high sensitivity and robust character suits R&D applications.

Trust Anchor Group provides a foundation for the smart society by connecting existing infrastructure within multiple domains to the latest technology and standards for internet of things and smart payments.