Stella provides access to clean and reliable energy to hospitals. Its a matter of justice. Accessability is about business innovation, having a capable infrastructure roll-out and possessing knowledge within robust and reliable technology.

Windeed is a deeptech company in floating wind power, at sea, where the winds are stronger. Innovative floating platforms and engineering solutions for rapid growth in a global market.

Normative provides science-based carbon accounting software and tailored advice from net zero experts, enabling companies to reduce their carbon footprints and operate sustainably

We redefine the concept of locally grown food – by developing cultivation systems for vertical and indoor cultivation in urban environments – we create opportunities for food production inside, or in direct connection to grocery stores. Tonnes of CO2 needs to be removed from the atmosphere, annually. We are esetting climate change using algae.

We will help to reset climate change by removing carbon from the atmosphere and binding it to the seabed.

Cloover is a green B2B2C fintech that allows customers to be able to lease renewable technologies. There are zero upfront costs for the customer, they start making real savings from day 1 and the subscription is completely flexible.

Datia is a climate fintech company on a mission to empower investors’ transition to sustainable finance, serving asset managers, wealth advisors and tech platforms.

The carbon project development and finance platform for farmers, NGOs and carbon buyers. We support farmers to take care of the planet, and help business achieve their net zero goals with long term carbon forward contracts.

Investure is building a Funding Platform to support the flow of private and catalytic capital into development and impact projects. We are connecting financiers globally to interesting investment opportunities and impactful projects in developing markets.

Recap provides flexible and customized energy services to the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) sector. The client only pays for the energy they use reducing their energy cost without having to make any upfront capital investment.