Nobon is a digital carbon project development service and financing platform that aims to disrupt the carbon project development value chain in order to increase the share of carbon credit investments that goes to actual project development.

Srcful envisions accelerating renewable energy growth by creating a decentralized energy grid, rewarding sustainable energy production & promoting grid stability. It leverages blockchain technology for transparency & efficiency in the energy market.

The carbon project development and finance platform for farmers, NGOs and carbon buyers. We support farmers to take care of the planet, and help business achieve their net zero goals with long term carbon forward contracts.

Our purpose is to re-think efficiency in marine transportation to radically push the performance boundaries of electric boats and ships.

“We believe in helping people lead the change. If you want to transition into the era of renewable energy then we are ready to help you take the first step on that journey.”

Removement is the Corporate SaaS platform for maximising carbon removal (CDR). The platform conveys education around carbon removal and how to reach net zero. It also visualises data about the market and then uses that data to create a CDR-strategy.

ChainTraced is a digital traceability platform focusing on metallic value chain. Empowering the transition to a net zero value chain for metallic products

Creturner is an environmental technology company that converts biomass into biochar, thereby reducing Co2 in the atmosphere. We are also working on technology development with the aim of breaking down carbon dioxide into solid carbon and oxygen gas.